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RapidFire Lite – Release Notes

General Information

System Requirements

32-bit: Windows 7 and XP Professional
64-bit: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Run the downloaded exe to install eDrawings RapidFire Lite.

Using eDrawings RapidFire Lite

  • Open any STL (*.stl), STEP (*.stp, *.step), IGES (*.igs, *.iges), DWG (*.dwg), DXF (*.dxf), SketchUp (*.skp), OBJ (*.obj), file to view.
  • Save the opened document by save option to view it next time in eDrawings viewer.
  • Saved eDrawings file contains Measure and Export STL options as per selection used while publishing.
  • One can open the files directly in viewer by publishing the selected document by using toolbar publish.

Release History

Release 11.0

  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2019.
  • Added Render Modes Support for Shaded, Wireframe, and Shaded Wireframe for 3D Components.
  • Added View normal command based on Face point selection.
  • Ability to select multiple components using the left mouse button by drawing a rectangle.
  • Advance section with Hatching support.
  • Added Component Visibility Commands in view toolbar : Isolate, Hide, Zoom, Make Transparent, Make Solid, Color Assembly, Component Color.
  • Advance Filter Measurement for 3D and 2D Drawings.
  • Added Draft Angle Measurement Tool : Calculate the draft angles in a component.
  • Added Projected Area Tool : Calculate the Projected Area of a component.
  • Section Area : Calculate Section Area.
  • Added Decimal Settings Support for accurate measurement.
  • Added High Quality Image Support. (HD, FHD, WUXGA and 4K Image Export)
  • Added Measurement Units Support.

Release 10.9

  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2017 SP0.

Release 10.8

  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2015 SP5.
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes and Improvements

Release 10.7

  • See mass properties and export them to eDrawings.
  • Export hidden components.
  • Measure 3DS and STL files.
  • Easily perform hole measurements on eDrawings files exported for STEP, IGES and STL files.

Release 10.6

  • RapidFire Lite is now natively available on 64-bit.
  • Compare any two files, with 3D, product structure & attribute comparison.
  • Perform linear, angular & radial measurements on STEP/IGES files, with Tape & Area measurement tools
  • Batch scheduler is now integrated within RapidFire Lite. (Batch scheduler requires a Batch license to run)
  • Support for 2D DWF files.
  • Export to 3DS, OBJ, STL, eDrawings, eDrawings EXE & ZIP files.

Release 10.5

  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2014 SP0.
  • Miscellaneous Bug fixes and Improvements

Release 10.4

  • Added support for SketchUp 2013.
  • Specify units to use while importing STL files.
  • Specify default body color for all formats.
  • License related bug fixes.

Release 10.3

  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings 2013 SP3.
  • STL files can now be measured in the eDrawings viewer.

Release 10.2

  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings 2013 SP2.

Release 10.1

  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings 2013 SP1.

Release 10.0

  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings 2013.

Release 9.0

  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings 2012.

Release 8.1

  • Support for SketchUp (*.skp) files.
  • Support for 2D DWF (*.dwf) files.
  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings 2011 SP4.

Release 8.0

  • Support for JT (*.jt) files.
  • Support for Microstation (*.dgn) files.
  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings Viewer 2011.

Release 7.2

  • Added support for Rhino (*.3dm) files.
  • Added support for OBJ (*.obj) files.
  • Added Hole Detection Support for IGES & STEP files.
  • Added support for STEP file exported using ALL LEVEL option.
  • Export Bill of Material table with Assemblies.
  • Support upgraded for AutoCad 2010 DWG file with improved image support.
  • eDrawings Viewer is upgraded to eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP3.

Release 7.1

  • eDrawings Viewer has been updated to eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP1.

Release 7.0

  • Support for DWG and DXF files with Layers, Sheet Selection and Measure.
  • Support for IGES files exported using ALL LEVEL option has been added.
  • Animate models automatically using views contained in drawings and standard views for parts and assemblies.
  • View your models and drawings in full screen mode.

Release 6.1

  • eDrawings Viewer has been upgraded to eDrawings 2008 SP4.
  • Open cascade version has been upgraded.
  • You can now associate files to open with eDrawings RapidFire Lite.
  • Publish to eDrawings is now faster.
  • License Configuration is now easier than before.
  • Bug fixed for STEP files exported from Solid Edge.

Release 6.0

  • Support for eDrawings 2008.
  • Check online for product Updates.

Release 5.3

  • Support for STEP and IGES files.
  • STEP Specifications: Files exported using Single File level support.
  • IGES Specifications: Files exported using Flat type.
  • Changes in UI.

Release 5.0

  • Viewer Upgraded: Upgraded the eDrawings Viewer to eDrawings 2007.

Release 1.0

  • Support for hole markers for measuring hole diameter.
  • RapidFire Lite can be used to publish stl files to eDrawings files on command line. The format is “RapidFire.exe” “input stl file” “output eDrawings file”.