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eDrawings for Creo – Release Notes

General Information

System Requirements

64-bit: Windows 10 and Windows 11
Pro/Engineer 2001, WildFire 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0, Creo (Parametric) 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 & 10

eDrawings Installation
  • Uninstall all previous versions of eDrawings for Creo.
  • Download and run the installer. Follow the configuration instructions to install eDrawings for Creo.
  • If Creo is running during installation, the eDrawings menu will not appear. Restart Creo to display the eDrawings menu.
eDrawings CAD server deployment

For a single CAD server multiple client setup, eDrawings for Creo can be deployed on the CAD server. The client machines need to have an environment variable, EDRW_INSTALL_DIR, point to the network path where the eDrawings Viewer executable is located e.g.
set EDRW_INSTALL_DIR =\\<>\eDrawings2013\EmodelViewer.exe.

For floating license setup of eDrawings publisher, you need to set an environment variable to point to license server machine. The environment variable GSSL_LICENCE_FILE needs to be set to “port-no@license-server” e.g.
set GSSL_LICENCE_FILE=27000@servername

Note: Please check the port number that has been configured on the license server for eDrawings.

In case there are restrictions on loading the plugin on the CAD server, alternate deployment strategies can be used. Please contact eDrawings support at, for personalized deployment suggestions.

Command-Line Installation

Command-Line Installation can be used to install eDrawings for Creo on a CAD server or network paths, which are typically read only locations. For eDrawings to work with a given version of Creo, the value of PROEVER should match intended version of Pro/ENGINEER as in the table below.

  • Unzip/extract the installation exe to a location.
  • Open a command prompt and browse to the location of the extracted files. Type the following command at the prompt :
    msiexec /i “edrawings for proengineer.msi” [set of Parameters] /qn
  • Create a file in the bin directory of Creo version for which eDrawings is being configured
  • Add the entry “Protkdat [PROEM1DIR]” where PROEM1DIR is the location where the publisher binaries have been installed. Let us assume the PROEM1DIR location to be g:\eDrawings_publisher. In this case the entry in would be :
    protkdat g:\eDrawings_publisher
  • To install eDrawings publisher on all available versions, use the parameter ISCMDINSTALL=1 PROEM1=1. Note that this will install eDrawings publisher on latest Pro/ENGINEER datecode available for each version.

Required Parameters

  1. ISCMDINSTALL=1 (for silent installation)
  2. One of PROE2001, PROEWF1, PROEWF2, PROEWF3, PROEWF4, PROEWF5, CREO1, CREO2, CREO3, CREO4, CREO5, CREO6, CREO7, CREO8 (to specify Pro/ENGINEER version to install on)
  3. One of PROE2001DIR, PROEWF1DIR, PROEWF2DIR, PROEWF3DIR, PROEWF4DIR, PROEWF5DIR, CREO1DIR, CREO2DIR, CREO3DIR, CREO4DIR, CREO5DIR, CREO6DIR, CREO7DIR, CREO8DIR (to specify custom location for installing publisher files)

Optional Parameters

  1. EDVIEWER : Specify the directory where eDrawings Viewer needs to be installed. Ex. “C:\edview”
  2. NODEKEY : Configure the node-locked license of eDrawings for PRO/ENGINEER.
  3. FLOATLIC : Specify the floating license server to configure the floating license. Ex. “27000@Spirit”
  4. INSTALLLEVEL : Provide 50 for installing only eDrawings Viewer, 100 for installing both eDrawings Viewer & Publisher.
Using eDrawings for Creo

eDrawings for Creo setup installs a menu, “eDrawings”, in Creo. Open a part, assembly, or drawing in Creo and click the eDrawings > Publish menu item to publish your Creo model as an eDrawing file.

Release History

Release 13.2
  • Support for Creo 10
Release 13.1
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2023.
Release 13.0
  • Support for Creo Parametric 9.0.
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2022.
Release 12.1
  • Support for Creo Parametric 8.0.
Release 12.0
  • Support for Creo Parametric 7.0.
Release 11.2
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2020.
Release 11.1
  • Support for Creo Parametric 6.0.
Release 11.0
  • Support for Creo Parametric 5.0.
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2019.
Release 10.7
  • Support for Creo Parametric 4.0.
Release 10.6
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2017.
  • Localization support for Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
Release 10.5
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2015 SP5.
Release 10.4
  • Support for Creo Parametric 3.0.
Release 10.3
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2014.
  • Added support for saving eDrawings as ZIP/EXE from batch jobs.
Release 10.2
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2013 SP03.
  • Support for 64 bit eDrawings Viewer.
Release 10.1
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2013 SP1.
Release 10.0
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2013.
Release 9.2
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2012 SP2.
  • Bug fixes for Windows 7 and Ribbon Interface.
Release 9.1
  • Support for Creo Parametric 2.0.
Release 9.0
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2012.
Release 8.1
  • Support for Creo Parametric 1.0
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2011 SP4.
Release 8.0
  • Tiff and Png image format support for stamping option.
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2011.
Release 7.2
  • Export Bill of Material table with Assemblies.
  • In place features, surfaces & curves in parts and assemblies can now be measured in eDrawings.
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP3.
Release 7.1
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP1.
Release 7.0
  • Support for Pro/ENGINEER WildFire 5.0.
Release 6.2
  • Export Datum Planes in Part and Assembly files to eDrawings.
  • Export Family Table and/or Simplified Representations option provided to control Family Table/Simplified Representations behavior in eDrawings file.
  • Automatically publish drawing files of parts and assemblies.
  • Export Mass Properties option provided to export mass properties of the part/assembly into the eDrawings file.
Release 6.1
  • Support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0
  • Windows Vista Support is introduced for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0
Release 6.0
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2008.
Release 5.1
  • Export Hidden Assembly components to eDrawings assembly file.
  • Stamp an image in eDrawings file.
  • Support for externally copied geometry.
  • Check online for product updates.
Release 5.0
  • Support for eDrawings Viewer 2007.
  • Support for Pro/ENGINEER 64-bit.
  • Addition of Show/No Show option for configuration dialog and multi sheet dialog
  • Improvements in Drawing Quality.
  • Support for Silent Command-Line Installation outside Pro/ENGINEER installation location.
  • Support for 3D LineStyles.
Release 4.0
  • Support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0
  • Support for Simplified Representation.
  • Support for Cable and Harness from Pro/ENGINEER WildFire 3.0 onwards.
  • Support for Texture.
  • Discontinued support for Pro/ENGINEER 2000i2.
  • Discontinued support for silent commandline installation outside Pro/ENGINEER installed location.
  • Cable colors applied at individual wire level are not supported.
  • The Hide/Highlight, Measure, Move Component and Mass-property functionlity is not available for cable/harness parts.
  • Textures applied with Single copy option are not supported.
  • Textures applied with Planar mapping type are supported in Pro/ENGINEER 2001 only.
Release 3.1
  • eDrawings Viewer version upgraded to eDrawings 2006 SP01.
  • Resolved crash in WildFire 2.0 for builds M130, M140, and M150.
  • AutoCAD publisher support for version AutoCAD 2005 & AutoCAD 2006.
Release 3.0
  • eDrawings Viewer version upgraded to eDrawings 2005 SP2.
  • Batch Publish a set of Pro/ENGINEER files.
  • Export selected sheets from your Pro/ENGINEER drawing file.
  • Export selected family table instances from your Pro/ENGINEER assembly and part files.
  • Support for Groups in the product structure tree in eDrawings.
  • Support for in-place surfaces and curves.
Release 2.0
  • eDrawings Viewer version upgraded to eDrawings 2005.
  • Support for Family Table configurations in Pro/ENGINEER models.
  • Secure eDrawing files with Password protection.
  • UI for configuration of Options for Publish/Save
  • Improved Hole measurement.
  • Support for Subassembly Explosion.
Release 1.2
  • Support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0.
  • Support for silent commandline installation.
Release 1.1
  • Support for Floating License.
  • Support for measuring hole diameter.
  • Localization support for German, French and Japanese.
  • Support for composite datum curves with mirroring as per their status in Pro/ENGINEER.
  • Support for drawing file background color.
  • Reduction in the file size of the published eDrawings file.
  • eDrawings publishing time reduced.
  • Support for blanked datum curves with status as “unblank” in the associated part model.
  • File COMPRESSION option has been removed.
Release 1.0
  • Support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.