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eDrawings for NX – Release Notes

General Information

System Requirements

32-bit: Windows 7 and XP Professional
64-bit: Windows 7, 8 and 10
NX 1984, NX 2007, NX 2206, NX 2212 and NX 2306

eDrawings Installation for a Standalone Machine

  • Download and run the installer. If any of the supported version of NX is installed, the eDrawings installer automatically detects them.
  • If no supported version of NX is detected, the installation defaults to the eDrawings Viewer.
  • eDrawings menu and toolbar do not appear if NX is running during installation. Restart NX to display the eDrawings menu.

Using eDrawings for NX

  • eDrawing for NX setup installs an eDrawings menu in File > Export menu item for NX. It also adds an eDrawings toolbar.
  • Open a part/assembly/drawing file in NX and click on eDrawings > Publish button on the toolbar to publish your NX model as an eDrawing file.

Command Line Installation

  • Unzip/extract the installation exe to any convenient directory location
  • Open a command prompt and browse to the location of the extracted files
    msiexec /i “< >” [Mandatory Parameters] [Optional Parameters] /qn

Required Parameters

  • ISCMDINSTALL=1 (for silent installation)
  • INSTALLLEVEL : =50, if only the eDrawings Viewer is to be installed. In this case, the variable INSTALLDIR is not required; =100, if both, the eDrawings Viewer and Publisher are to be installed.
  • INSTALLDIR : The directory location to install eDrawings for NX to.
  • NXM1DIR : Point to the NX installed ROOT directory.

Optional Parameters

  • EDVIEWER : The directory where eDrawings Viewer needs to be installed to.
  • NODEKEY : Configure the Node-locked Licence Key.
  • FLOATLIC : For a floating license setup, point to the license server. e.g. 27000@eDrawingLicServer
  • User needs to make an entry, $EDRWUG_INSTALL_DIR in the file<<UGINSTALLATION>>\UGII\menus\custom_dir.dat, pointing to the UG load points for all supported Unigraphics installations

eDrawings Deployment for CAD Server

For a single CAD server multiple client setup, eDrawings for NX can be deployed on the CAD server itself. The client machines needs an environment variable, EDRW_INSTALL_DIR point to the network path where the eDrawings Viewer exe is located. e.g.
set EDRW_INSTALL_DIR =\\<>\eDrawings2008\EmodelViewer.exe

For floating license setup of eDrawings publisher, you need to set another environment variable to point to license server machine. The environment variable GSSL_LICENCE_FILE needs to be set to “port-no@license-server”. e.g.
set GSSL_LICENCE_FILE=27000@servername

In case there be restrictions on loading the plug-in on the CAD server, there are alternate deployment strategies. Please contact eDrawings support at, for personalized deployment suggestion.

Release History

Release 13.2

  • Added support for NX 2306 (64-bit).

Release 13.1.1

  • Added support for NX 2212 (64-bit).

Release 13.1

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2023 (64-bit).

Release 13.0

  • Added Support for NX 2007 and NX 2206.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2022 (64-bit).

Release 12.2

  • Added Support for NX 1973, NX 1980 and NX 1984.

Release 12.1

  • Added Support for NX 1953, NX 1957 and NX 1961.

Release 12.0

  • Added Support for NX 1926.

Release 11.2

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Release 11.1

  • Added Support for NX 1847, NX 1872, NX 1899.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2020 (64-bit).

Release 11.0

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2019 (64-bit).

Release 10.9

  • Added support for NX 12.0.

Release 10.8

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2017 (64-bit).

Release 10.7

  • Added support for NX 11.0.
  • Localization support for Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Release 10.6

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2015 (64-bit).

Release 10.5

  • Added support for NX 10.0.

Release 10.4

  • Much improved “Options” dialog.
  • Bug fixes.

Release 10.3

  • Added support for NX 9.0
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2014.
  • Added support for saving eDrawings as ZIP/EXE from batch jobs.

Release 10.2

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2013 SP3.
  • Added support for 64 bit eDrawings Viewer.

Release 10.1

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2013 SP1.

Release 10.0

  • Added support for NX 8.5.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2013.

Release 9.1

  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2012 SP2.

Release 9.0

  • Added support for NX 8.0.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2012.

Release 8.0

  • Added TIFF and PNG image format support for stamping option.
  • Added support for eDrawings Viewer 2011.

Release 7.2

  • Added support for NX 7.5
  • Export Bill of Materials table to eDrawings assemblies.
  • eDrawings Viewer has been updated to eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP3.

Release 7.1

  • Added support for NX 7.
  • eDrawings Viewer has been updated to eDrawings Viewer 2010 SP1.
  • Support for exporting Arrangements to eDrawings.
  • Support for exporting Part name from NX attributes to eDrawings.

Release 7.0

  • Added support for NX 6.
  • Vista Support is introduced for NX 6.

Release 6.0

  • eDrawings version updated to eDrawings 2008.

Release 5.3

  • Application files signed to fix the NX development license issue.

Release 5.2

  • Added support for NX 5.

Release 5.1

  • NX 64 bit support added.
  • Export Hidden Assembly components to eDrawings assembly file.
  • Stamp an image in eDrawings file.
  • Check online for Product Updates.
  • Component Instance color for multiple components is now supported.

Release 5.0

  • eDrawings version updated to eDrawings 2007.

Release 3.0

  • Added support for NX 4.
  • 3D Annotations support added.

Release 2.1

  • eDrawings version updated to eDrawings 2006 SP01.
  • Added support for AutoCAD 2005, 2006.

Release 2.0

  • eDrawings version updated to 2005 SP02.
  • Now you can publish your Unigraphics NX files in one go.
  • Selectively export sheets from your Unigraphics NX drawings.
  • Localization support for French, German and Japanese.
  • Sectioned/detailed/exploded views can now be exported with shaded data.

Release 1.1

  • Added support for NX 3.