eDrawings for SketchUp – Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is eDrawings Professional for SketchUp?
A : eDrawings Professional for SketchUp is a plugin for SketchUp, which allows one to publish .skp files as read only eDrawings files.

Q : Why would I want to use eDrawings for SketchUp?
A :The most tangible advantage a publisher provides is that it makes the content read only. This provides you a secure means of sharing your proprietary data without the fear of the same being plagiarized. One of the primary uses published files are put to is to enable working in collaborative work environments.In the same context, one might wish to selectively provide the end recipient of the published file with measurement capabilities. eDrawings Professional for SketchUp provides you with a means to do the same. You also have a means to password protect your file for added security.The size of the published file is also reduced as compared to the SketchUp Source file thereby enabling communication even via email.One of the formats you can save out an eDrawings file as is as an exe. Here, the Viewer component is coupled with the file. This would enable the end recipient to view the file without any additional download overheads.The end recipient does not have to bear a cost overhead to be able to view the files as the eDrawings Viewer is a free download available at
http://www.solidworks.com/pages/products/eDrawings/viewer.html?pid=841The end recipient can use the markup feature to effectively communicate the review objective.

You can also embed the published file in an html and have it as a part of your online catalog. This would provide you would be customers a better picture of your capabilities without compromising you data security concerns.

Q : Are there any prerequisites for installing eDrawings for SketchUp?
A :You need to have SketchUp installed on your machine before you install eDrawings for SketchUp. This is since eDrawings For SketchUp is implemented as a plugin. It sits on top of the base product to publish out SketchUp files in the eDrawings format.
You would not be able to install eDrawings if SketchUp is not installed.

Q : What are the supported versions of SketchUp?
A :We currently support Google SketchUp version 7, 8 and Sketchup 2013. Both the free as well as professional versions of Google SketchUp are supported.

Q : Which operating systems are supported?
A :

  • Microsoft® Windows 7
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional

Q : I have installed eDrawings for SketchUp but cannot find *.skp in eDrawings Open file menu?
A :There are two components to the product eDrawings for SketchUp

  • The publisher component and
  • The viewer component.

The publisher component is implemented as a plugin for SketchUp. The viewer component provides a means of viewing the published files. The viewer by itself, cannot open SketchUp files directly.

On installing the software, a menu-item ‘eDrawings’, gets added in SketchUp under Plugins as
Plugins> eDrawings
Open a file in SketchUp and click
Plugins> eDrawings> Publish
to publish the file. The published file opens up in the eDrawings Viewer.

Q : What Licensing models does eDrawings for SketchUp support?
A :eDrawings for SketchUp is available with Node lock license.

Q : I don’t have a license for eDrawings for SketchUp. Would I still be able to use it?
A :Yes, but all the professional features would be disabled. These include measurement, password protection, markup, dynamic cross-sectioning and the ability to move components.

Q : Why is the Tools menu and a lot of other menu items in the Viewer disabled?
A :If you do not have a license for eDrawings for SketchUp, the functionality available to you would be restricted. This includes the Tools menu and a host of other features. The disable menu items are available only with the Professional version.

Q : How do I configure the license for eDrawings for SketchUp?
A :You can configure the license when installing eDrawings for SketchUp or later on by manual invocation.For manual invocation start Google SketchUp, Select
Plugins > eDrawings > Register eDrawings ProfessionalEnter the license key in License Key field without any spaces or breaks in between. Click OK and you will get a message on the validity of the license. The eDrawings Professional license has been configured.If the key is not provided, the product still functions but without any of the professional features.

Q : Is it possible to view eDrawings file without having Google SketchUp installed?
A :The recipient does not need to have Google SketchUp to installed for viewing eDrawings file. Users may install the free eDrawings Viewer or only the Viewer component when installing eDrawings Professional for SketchUp to view eDrawings file.

Q : I have been sent an eDrawings file published from SketchUp. How do I view it?
A :The eDrawings Viewer is a free download available at
One can download and install the same to be able to view eDrawings files.